By Accident of Birth

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Published by Touchpoint Press

Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency

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A most incredible life and tragic end begins in 1915 as Bethany Quinn receives a call from the British Crown saying she is in possession of a cache of arms stored in her sugar mill warehouse in Cuba. An era she thought long past is resurrected in the last “special cargo” shipment to England to aid the allies in WWI. In preparation for the trip, she re-reads her mother’s and Dr. Perkins diaries which brings us to that fate-filled day in 1863 and takes us on a journey we will never forget…

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Two year old Beverly Bethany Quinn is the only survivor when a trio of crazed Yankees slaughters her family. Having been hid in a basket by her mother, Annielise, she is found by the Quinn’s nanny, Arabella, and taken to be raised by Dr. Perkins in Vicksburg, and subsequently her Uncle Jonathan who lives in Cuba.

Wars, love, friendships, tragedies, clandestine shipments and harrowing escapes – life.

As unbelievable as it may sound, the events mentioned in this manuscript did actually take place. An Appendix, Facts of Interest and Note to Readers list the documentation, bibliography, and newspaper articles to authenticate Simmons’ research.